The team BestMixer.IO said about how bitcoin mixer and what is its benefit for large investors and holders of cryptocurrency wallets.

BestMixer.IO will provide complete anonymity in cryptocurrency transactions. The bitcoin mixer works with most popular cryptocurrency, which further simplifies the transaction. Own funds are “blended together” with the funds of other users of the pool project or investors. How to make a decision, chooses the investor. On the website there is a scale of the security mix, which I monitor and change the terms of the transfer.

The flexibility and convenience

Page available a calculator that will calculate Commission. This will be especially useful if the transaction will be performed for two or three recipients. So it will be possible to calculate the share of costs and, if necessary, to select another procedure for the distribution of funds.

Bitcoin mixer will be a great help if you want to make payments anonymously and protect them from cyber criminals. Through the mechanism of “substitution” funds intended for the recipient, will no longer have anything in common with a purse of the sender.

A few details

The Developers BestMixer.IO offered users detailed instructions: It will allow us to understand key features of the system and go for it. It does not require any email, any account: it is sufficient to specify the recipient’s address and code BestMixer, if any. Code is issued to those who have already used the service previously.

This approach allows to provide anonymity and acceptable speed of operation. Integration with TOR additional benefits of the project, which allows you to:

  • don’t worry about the anonymity of transactions;
  • to prevent theft;
  • to access the service by any convenient method.

The results

Service fee starts from 0.5%, which will be beneficial not only for investors but also for ordinary users with cryptocurrency savings. In addition, the blending will not significantly increase the life of transactions regardless of their type. If you have any questions, specialists BestMixer.IO will find the right solution.