Bank of China, which is part of the “Big four” major state-owned banks of China (8th place in the ranking of Forbes Global 2000), has released an infographic about bitcoin. This was announced by Director of strategy in the company Blockstream Samson MOU:

Samson Mow


Yesterday the #BankofChina posted up an article about #Bitcoin. They explained how $BTC works, why the price is going up, and why it’s valuable. Never thought I’d see that happen. 😅 #Bullish

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Yesterday Bank of China published an article about bitcoin. They explained how bitcoin works, why the price increases and what is its value. I never thought that I’d see it. #Bullish

The infographic also describes key historical moments of development of the market of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin Pizza Day before the announcement of Libra from Facebook, and in General terms explains the process of mining.

In addition, it refers to the largest Chinese Hodler Whether Saali. It is reported that he owns a “six-figure” number of bitcoins (i.e. one hundred thousand). In one of the illustrations If Saalai he lights a cigarette Fiat currency:

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