The Bancor project introduced a mobile wallet that allows the decentralized conversion of different cryptotokens.

As noted in the company blog, users Bancor Wallet now you don’t have to resort to centralized sites, where trading spreads and commissions. The new solution allows to control private keys and exchange scriptactive through decentralized smart contracts.

In addition, the new mobile wallet allows users to buy tokens with credit and debit cards and then exchange them for any token supported Bancor Network and other popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and EOS. Currently Bancor Wallet supports 75 different digital assets, which number will gradually increase.

“In the new Internet values, where everyone can create cryptocurrency, digital wallets become browsers, which enable users to move around in the world of decentralized applications”, — said the co-founder Galia Bancor, Bernartzi.

Profiles in Bancor Wallet users can create using email addresses and accounts, Telegram, WeChat and social network Facebook.

Recall that in June last year, the Bancor project raised $140 million in just three hours.