Audit smart contracts LEO

The study and analysis of crypto-technologies Cointelligence, has revealed some scammy abilities = abilities fraudulent, including the function of destruction tokens lobogo address owner.
Using the test network Ropsten, the researchers were able to penetrate into subtleties of LEO marker and see what he’s done.
One of the most important findings in the audit was the fact that “contract controller”, which controls smart contracts LEO, can effectively play in LEO, including the ability to generate tokens at will. The controller can do this using the aptly named function “generateTokens”, in fact, allows you to generate unlimited amount of tokens LEO.
To prove this, the researchers sent 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 LEO (about one undecillion — a trillion trillion trillion) to the address on the test network Ropsten:nevertheless, the biggest discovery of this audit to date was the disclosure of the function “destroyTokens”, a function that allows the controller of the contract (you guessed it) destroy tokens LEO.

However, this applies not only to the tokens in the address of the controller, but to any address tokens containing LEO.

“Function” destroyTokens “on 477 allows the wallet controller LEO burn someone else’s tokens LEO, including, without limitation, tokens present in a centralized or decentralized exchange, hardware or software wallet, hot or cold storage and / or paper or brain wallet. No matter where your coins, they can remove your coins if you want. It’s so simple, ” reads the audit.
To prove this, the researchers burned ten billion previously generated LEO at the address where they just sent.

In response, the CEO of Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino stated that these functions exist for reasons of ‘security’ and the prospect:
“For reasons of security and future we have left the option to upgrade to token a contract. This is a really key feature of the contract, which can live for many years. To mint more tokens for Finex just doesn’t make sense …it’s like shooting yourself in the foot “.

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