For the last day of ASIC miners captured 44% of the network ZenCash and 36% of the Bitcoin network Private. Representatives are confident that the active ASIC mining these anonymous cryptocurrencies is the company Bitmain.

It is noteworthy that the new player keeps power on the blockchain zcash for, getting more than 50% of the blocks.

This negatively affects the work of mining pools, since their calculators yield do not reflect the real situation. ASIC miners jacking up the difficulty and profit of GPU-miners in some cases falls below the breakeven point.

At the same time, it greatly hurts the reputation of the pools, as ordinary miners begin to accuse them of fraud and theft.

“The reputation of the pools in the eyes of the miners — the issue is extremely complex. We are often faced with accusations of thefts, and win long-term trust is a complex and lengthy process. In the face of such aggressive attacks Bitmain hurt the reputation of many honest players in the market, and the only option is to change the algorithm of consensus”, — said the interlocutors ForkLog.

It should be noted that the network ZClassic and Bitcoin Gold expansion has not yet touched. In believe that the high complexity of the production and low cost of the unit do not attract the Gold Bitcoin ASIC miners.

“All this may lead to outflow of GPU-miners to other algorithms that are more resistant to ASIC devices, and to complete the centralization of zcash for networking, ZenCash and Bitcoin Private”, — added in

In addition, the interlocutors ForkLog sure that in the near future will profit by the massive sales of mined coins, which can seriously damage investors and traders.

“It is possible that Bitmain has already started shipping devices to major Chinese buyers. However, the party for small buyers have not yet received, because it is simply unprofitable” — said in

We will remind, earlier ForkLog reported that a total of three URLs extracted more than 50% of the units in the network zcash for.