Precedent held company related to the mining of cryptocurrencies, and issued shares and one of the oldest and largest exchanges in Europe and around the world.

According to the London stock exchange, accommodation 53.2 percent of the shares brought the company £25 million, and its market capitalization, respectively, amounted to £47 million Given that Argo Blockchain itself focused on the capitalisation of £40 million following the placing, the result is very worthy.

The purpose of placement — increase awareness of the company among investors, still not too familiar with the cryptocurrency market, improving its reputation and raising funds to implement its strategic plans.

“The listing of the shares of Argo on the main market of London — a significant stage in the development of the company. It enhances our chances for the implementation of plans and long-term policy — said Jonathan Bixby, Chairman of the Board of the company. — We are flattered by the attention of investors, which will allow us to grow our business in several regions.”

Argo offers mining as a service that is losing its computing power to rent monthly. Tenants, paid for a month, get access to the platform, controlled remotely from a smartphone or computer, through which control a paid capacity.

Argo customers pay $25 a month for access to facilities, allowing them to mine the ether, Bitcoin, gold, Classic and zcash for Ethereum. List of coins in the future may be adjusted.

The company owns mining centre in Quebec, in plans of Argo is to acquire facilities in China and Iceland, in addition to the already existing.