The Apple has issued updated rules of publishing applications in the App Store, which prohibit running background processes of mining.

The changes affected the wallets, exchanges, platforms for ICO and applications for mining, writes Apple Insider.

In the section “hardware Compatibility” Apple now States that “apps, including any third-party ads displayed in them, can’t run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency search”.

Now developers will not be able to download in App Store apps that offer digital currency as a reward for completing tasks, for example, for the placement of publications in social networks.

The company also tightened the rules of publishing applications cryptocell, platforms for holding and promotion of ICO, apps for trade and exchange of digital currencies and applications for the cloud of mining.

Such applications can be officially published in the AppStore only banks, financial companies, companies trading in securities or other financial institutions or blockchain projects that have the official permission of the authorities to conduct cryptocurrency activities.

“Keep cryptocurrency in applications-purses developers, registered as an organization. And to make transactions and cryptocurrency transfers on the stock exchanges in the official apps themselves exchanges,” says Apple.

In 2013 and 2014, Apple removed Coinbase and other applications related to cryptography, from the App Store, citing unspecified “unresolved issue”. However, later the app is back, and Coinbase for some time in 2017 was the # 1 app in the App Store.