Cryptocurrency expert and investor Anthony Pompliano said that the day is near when, because of lack of liquidity altcoins disappear.

Co-founder Morgan Creek Digital VC often gives the crypto community a lot to think about cryptocurrencies and their relationship with the existing financial system.

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It only took 10 years for central bankers to go from unaware of digital currencies to calling for one as the global reserve currency.

This is moving much faster than almost anyone expected 🙏🏽

“10 years ago, Central banks might not know about crypto, and now they want to make them global reserve currency. It happened much faster than expected”.

Now these banks are giants like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan will also seek to work closely with cryptocurrencies, even releasing their own – for example, JPM Coin.

Altcoins will disappear?

When one user asked, and when “off” it altcoins that Pompliano said:

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Replying to @RyanBelcherDMP

Almost every single one of them will eventually be worthless because there will be no liquidity and they will get delisted from exchanges.

“Almost all of them will ultimately be useless because they will not have the liquidity and the stock exchange will cease to quote”.

XRP and other coins

In the thread comments, users began to ask Pompliano whether his predictions Ethereum and XRP:

The Bitcoin Privateer@guy_malone Replying to @APompliano @RyanBelcherDMP

“Almost…” Which do you think make the cut?
XRP, and…

“Almost … what do you think, which of them pass the test? XRP, …?”.

Envision Crypto@crypto_envision Replying to @APompliano @RyanBelcherDMP

Does your opinion is against the ETH as well ??

See Crypto Envision”s other Tweets

“You think about ETH?”.

Haters XRP also quick to say that XRP will disappear probably because of the centralization and manipulation commands Ripple:

Ty Bello@TyBellosFoto Replying to @guy_malone and 2 others

Sorry #xrp is centralized and manipulated. It’s a good coin for very fast transaction but we all want Decentralization. #xrp is for banks and I don’t trust banks.

“Sorry, but XRP is centralized and manipulated. It’s a good coin with fast transactions, but we all want decentralization. XRP is for banks, and I don’t trust the banks”.

However, many users believe that in addition to bitcoin and Ethereum, it is viable will be such coins like Monero and BCH.

One of the Twitter users even asked the question about the possible disappearance of altcoins John McAfee, given that “crypto-death” frequently publishes his opinion on some altcoins. However, John McAfee has not joined these discussions.