One of the founders of Morgan Sheik Anthony Pompliano said that institutional investors are massively interested in bitcoin.

Tweet this businessman and supporter of the BTC wrote that he communicated with top managers of several major corporations. These giants have not yet invested in bitcoin, but are interested in the cryptocurrency industry.

The situation is changing rapidly, noted Pompliano. A similar statement on Twitter he spoke at the beginning of April. He then interviewed a number of influential financiers and told them about the benefits of investment in the major cryptocurrency.

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NEW TREND: I’ve met with multiple CIOs at multi-billion dollar institutions lately.

The firms aren’t invested in Bitcoin yet, but the CIOs are.

That will quickly change 🔥

A positive trend was recorded by the analytical company Delphi Digital, who published a study a few months ago about increasing the investment in BTC by institutional players.

Experts of the company it was found that 3% of the large capital already invested in bitcoin, however, the main disadvantage of a digital asset is still in favor of its increased volatility. This factor prevents a more active penetration of investors in cryptosphere.

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