In early March, Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff said of Bitcoins. In his opinion, by 2028 per coin will rather give $ 100 than 100 thousand. The reason for the popularity of operations on money-laundering and tax evasion. Technical analyst Securities Market Dubai Ltd. Floor, dey believes that the first cryptocurrency can “feel the bottom” a lot sooner and descend to 2800 dollars in the coming months.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate from analysts

According to day, the coin is now behaves the same as the fall in 2013. If the trend continues, in the near future the Bitcoin may fall by 76% relative to the maximum at the end of February: to the level of us $ 2800.

Over the past few months have definitely been a fundamental shift, which put an end to bladder, observed in late 2017.

Earlier, representatives of Goldman Sachs sent to clients the letter in which has warned about possible fall of Bitcoin to 5922 dollars before the end of 2018. I hope that none of these predictions will not come true.