During the recent recession, where bitcoin fell to what most likely is the bottom, that is, to ~$5 000 to an unidentified investor bought a 96 000 BTC that are now worth over a billion dollars.

Andy Hoffman (Andy Hoffman), an ardent supporter of bitcoin, calling themselves cryptoanalytical publicly told his Twitter followers:

Address 3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64 bought BTC at $344 million at an average price of $8 400 at 09.02.18 12.02.18, then almost doubled that amount, plus 41 000 coins. The total number amounted to 96 000 coins, which cost $9 400 cost about $900 000 000“.

February 4, Hoffman said: “At a cost of $8 000 requires only $1.3 billion to block 1% of all existing bitcoins, with the exception of 3+ million, lost forever. Only if you can find a seller 168 000 BTC

Pathetic billion. Who is this mysterious buyer remains unknown, but the first transaction to this address was made on 8 September 2017 at 0.01 BTC. It was probably a test transaction, because it was quickly removed or sent to the fact that, apparently, is the bitcoin address of the exchange or broker.

Sending two small amounts to be sure that everything is working fine, the natural or legal person on 7 November purchased 4 000 BTC. In December and January continued purchase first 1 000 BTC, and in February, the amount has increased significantly, reaching 5,000 to 6,000 bitcoins.

The bitcoin address on which a billion dollars

It is unknown who owns this address with a billion dollars, but some argue that this exchange, though this seems highly unlikely because the size of the input and output means is not so great.

This can be a broker. For two days in December produced two translations to the address 1LA, which was also opened in September 2017. On his balance now there are about 400 BTC.

This may indicate that both addresses belong to one and the same person, or, less likely, it was the amount sold outside the exchange.

We do not know how things really are, but the fact is that most of the BTC was bought during the recent lows. Since then, bitcoin has more than doubled, now trading for about $11 400.