Distraction from daily worries, lifting your mood, improving sleep and providing the opportunity to increase social contact, health is a much deeper concept that goes beyond just physical training. AMOS is a non-traditional platform that is built on the same ideology and offers users a smart and best way to stay healthy and fit.

Seamlessly linking virtual and real world with its Smart wearable and Smart gym, AMOS revolutionaire the concept of fitness, thereby improving and keeping up to date with your health and strength. In addition, the platform integrated the modern technology to bring this concept to life and a revolution in the fitness industry.

Constant Companion – The Smart Wearable

Smart Sport Watch is a fitness companion for users.Tracking calories burnt,this technology monitors the health of users and encourages them to inculcate the habit of regular exercise.Thanks to the data recorded by Smart Sport Watch, AMOS develops a personalized training program aimed at improving the overall health of the user.AMOS will not only provide you a digital platform for tracking fitness, but will reward the user token AMOS for their efforts.

Gym — Smart Gym

Designed to meet the unique needs of the users fitness with the help of artificial intelligence, AMOS collaborates with Strength Master Group for the development of smart technologies worldwide. Helping users to achieve their goals, the coaches in artificial intelligence help users to perform each exercise in the correct position and explain to them proper ways to use fitness equipment. By integrating AI and machine learning platform ensures that users are offered accurate information that helps them to get the best results.

Smarter, The Better-Analysis Of Artificial Intelligence

Just be aware of the condition is not enough, the analysis of information received via virtual and digital platforms, is also important, and AMOS makes it easier for its users. Thanks to the users to access important data about the health and statistics artificial intelligence helps them to use these data to improve physical fitness, thereby reducing the risk of injury and improving your health. Constant feedback and the intervention of the trainer on artificial intelligence offers users with an effective and new teaching methods that eliminate the need for physical trainers.

Selling tokens AMOS

AMOS has released a total of 50 million tokens, of which 20 million was proposed for the crowdsale. Presale began from October 10, 2018 and ended on November 30, 2018, and public sale was launched on 1 December 2018 and will run until 28 February 2018. The distribution of tokens is planned as follows:-

●Presale — 7%
●Public sale — 30%
●Promotional tokens — 30%
● Team-11%
● Application for market development-11%
● Technology platform — 11%

AMOS — be healthy and get a reward

Living in the millennial age, when unhealthy eating habits are a daily occurrence, when no one has the time to get rid of the busy schedule, and health risks impact on the overall physical form, AMOS offers users a healthy and healthy lifestyle, offering them cash payments for their time and effort spent on exercise and physical activity.

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