Dash is a unique crypto currency, distinguished not only by its anonymity, but also by a two-level system. The Dash coin is in the top ten of the currencies by capitalization and ranks third in price. At the end of 2017, the price for a unit of crypto currency varies around 1200 dollars.

Dash crypto currency algorithm

The main difference between the Dash algorithm and Bitcoin is the two-level system of its network. In the most popular cyber-currency, peer-to-peer nodes are used. That is, transactions are written to the block or by simple words in the register. The Dash network operates using a different algorithm. The system uses the so-called super nodes, and then the transactions approved by the master programs are recorded in the block system.

Masternodes are special servers of the network responsible for mixing by the PrivateSend method, the purpose of which is to increase anonymity. In the system, you can select more than 8 rounds of mixing.

Anonymity of Dash is achieved by several inputs from different users in a single transaction with multiple outputs. The complete anonymization mechanism includes the following procedures:

  • Splitting of payments;
  • Early mixing to new anonymous addresses;
  • Each stage of anonymization involves the selection of a new mixing masterpiece.

Mining Dash

The coinage in Dash passes through the algorithm X11. It differs significantly from the traditional Scrypt algorithm. The main differences in the process of mining coins:

  • The algorithm is protected from Asic miners;
  • Other software is used;
  • Mining does not make sense on weak computers and laptops.

Mining using the example of a video card from NVIDIA

Do the following:

Download the Ccminer program;
Determine the version of the video card (the recommended software for mining Dash depends on the version of Direct compute);
Depending on the version, select the name of the miner in the start file Start.bat;
Install the latest drivers for your video card.
Please note that for 2018, DASH mining without professional equipment remains the lot of enthusiasts. It is possible to earn money on the extraction of coins using special ASIC computers, which were nevertheless developed for Dash over time.

Mining Dash on Asic

Complexity of mining Dash grows every day, therefore buying ASIC, it is necessary to do the calculation for at least a year. You can order the necessary equipment at an average price of 3000-4000 dollars. Tested solutions for the mining of DASH crypto currency are ASIC of Baikal and Pinidea machines.

How to buy Dash?

The company for convenience of users suggests to get a purse on the official site. The easiest way to get the first coins is to buy them for Bitcoin. To do this, use one of the popular and trusted exchanges of crypto-currencies. A more complicated way is to buy Dash crypto currency for cash. You can use the three well-known crypto-currency exchanges that support the purchase of coins by bank transfer:

  • BitPanda;
  • Kraken;
  • AnyCoinDirect.

You can also buy cash for cash at ATMs, however, there are no more than thirty such points in the world. In Europe, this is possible in France and Italy.

Dash Transaction

Transactions between electronic purses are public. In this system is similar to Bitcoin. The history of transactions can be traced before the appearance of the first coins in the system. Imagine that two users want to make a deal. User number 1 will send 2 several Dash coins to number 2 by executing the transaction.

To send coins to user 1, you need a public purse address and private key, which he generated a system of letters and numbers when you first use your wallet. User 1 should know the public Dash address and sign it with a private key.

After the transaction, the wizards check it, soon it is written to the block. The security of the transaction must have a confirmed status. This will be possible after receiving six endorsements from the master craftsmen.

Alternative transaction of Dash

The average transfer within the limits of crypto currency is 15 minutes, but it is possible to do everything instantly. To ensure such transactions, InstantX technology is used. Masternodes use a unique technology and inform the other part of the network that it is the only one. The technology uses six generated blocks instead of six confirmations.

The fee for using InstantX is 0.01 Dash. The sender pays it.

Projections for Dash for 2018

Most of the forecasts promise a significant increase in the Dash even with respect to the price of $ 1,000 per coin. According to leading US investors, the currency will reach a price of $ 4,000 by 2022. For 2018 will grow exactly twice. According to the most popular forecasts, one coin in December 2018 will be traded at $ 2,000.
The five-year increase in investments will be 284 percent.