Alfa-Bank became the first Russian credit institution that has managed to become a member of the transnational blockchain consortium R3. The announcement is posted on the web-site of the banking institution.

Alfa-Bank believe that membership in the consortium will make progress in creating systems based on blockchain the whole banking sector of the country. In the future, the membership of Alfa-Bank in the transnational consortium will allow credit institutions to offer their customers more affordable and convenient grocery solution.

According to the chief operating officer of Alfa-Bank M. Shevchenko, the entry of banking institutions into the blockchain-the consortium is an excellent opportunity to participate in the creation of new instruments for the implementation of financial transactions with leading players in the global banking market. In addition, through membership in R3, the Bank will have the ability to significantly reduce the cost of banking operations and significantly accelerate the settlement of transactions.

According to the head of the project R3 is in the CIS A. Blagireva, joining Alfa-Bank in the international consortium is an excellent opportunity in terms of integration of well-known institutions and experience of the Russian Federation into the global financial structure, which at the moment is created on the platform of the Corda.

Informed about joining transnational blockchain consortium said the leadership of the Russian payment system Qiwi. According to the company, Qiwi plans to actively participate in the development and implementation of technologies for distributed registries in the global financial markets.

It should be noted that to become a member of blockchain-a consortium of R3 at the time was trying Sberbank of Russia, however, the state Bank was refused entry because of acting against the Russian Federation economic constraints.