The Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin in the thread on Reddit outlined some of the most serious obstacles to the transition platform to the algorithm Proof-of-Stake (PoS). According to Buterin, today, there are several problems in the system of Proof-of-Stake, among which he singled out the Union of the steaks in the pooling and sharding, which turned out to be technically more difficult than expected.

Buterin said that the main task today is to decentralize the Ethereum blockchain, and provide a low barrier to entry for validators, or, in other words, to prevent the excessively high cost of the starting node.

“A system Proof-of-Stake, as a rule, is built around the idea that there should only be a couple dozen or couple hundred of nod,” said Buterin in a recent interview.

“PoS systems can significantly reduce the time unit, but on the other hand, they may face the problem of centralization”.

However, he acknowledged that the transition to the model of a Proof-of-Stake will be accompanied by some “compromises”, but the whole approach Ethereum focused on “decentralization, guarantee deposits for stalkerov, fines for violators and provision of low cost work the nod.”

Recall that during his speech at the conference RadicalxChange acne Buterin said that the cryptocurrency community must leave individualism behind early Shirobokov and use technology to create new systems that positively affect society.

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