A long-standing dispute between the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Butterini and self-proclaimed “Creator of Bitcoin” Craig Wright is far from complete. The event Deconomy held in Seoul, South Korea, Buterin publicly called Wright a fraud. Joseph POON, the web developer is Lightning and Advisor Omise Go, also expressed his disagreement with the statements Wright about network Lightning.

During the session the debate between Roger Ver and Director of security Blockstream Samson MOU, Vitali Buterin decided to live to answer some of the claims made by Craig Wright at the debate and literally “tore” in front of the audience.

“Why is this fraud even allowed to speak at this conference?”, – protested the boy, saying that loudly applauded by those present.

Joseph POON joined Vitalik, saying:

“I was working on the Lightning, but I don’t understand a word of your presentation”.

Later on Twitter Buterin shared some of his thoughts about the presentation “the Bitcoin debate on the principles” at the conference Deconomy. The defendants, referred to in tweets Vitalik is the General Director Bitcoin.com Roger Ver himself and Wright.

For people who don’t understand a word of what he said at the conference due to poor sound quality, the tweets will make more sense.

“I’m going to arrange a live-tweet over the division Deconomy “the Bitcoin debate about the principles of” to have fun”.

By numbering his arguments, he divides the points of the arguments of opponents, especially focusing on the arguments of the false Satoshi.

Among other things, Buterin addressed some common misconceptions concerning the history of cryptocurrency and Fiat currency, as well as the philosophy of decentralized currencies.

Here are a few interesting tweets from Buterin:

“Craig Wright begins with the following: “We’re going to talk about lies,” … and brags about how much his University degrees….. at least he read Grabber”.

“The next lie in the words of Craig is that” Bitcoin needs to be fixed,” and that “the technocrats need to make it better.”

“Showing a slide containing 6 charts, network topologies, and States simply that Bitcoin less decentralized, because it performs a “Central role”, and no explanation then it does not”.

“You can’t do anything as the node if the node is not a full node, which means it is the miner, and the miner today is ASICs”, – quotes Buterin Wright, then giving another statement last. “Bitcoin works because those squiggly lines are called math.”

“and it shows on this rubbish… double facepalm….”, – Vitalik writes about the performance of Wright.

“Nodes don’t matter” — see https://vitalik.ca/general/2017/05/08/coordination_problems.html … Seriously, small blocks are real and legitimate validation functions on the client side. Just read this article.

In the latest tweet under the number 62 Buterin directly calls Wright “crazy”.

After a skirmish on Deconomy, Wright also wrote about his own vision of the incident on Twitter, saying that some of the statements Buterin clearly exaggerated.

“Vitalik there is one problem… When we demonstrated that BCH can do, he knows that ETH will wither and die.”

“Looks like I broke Vitalik… 🙂 He’s like a twig.. next time need to be gentle with him”.

This is not the first time Buterin and Wright crossed swords.

The founder of Ethereum has long expressed skepticism about the statements of Wright that he is the man behind the mysterious pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Indeed, a few months ago Buterin again asked Wright to stop lying and to refuse claims that he created Bitcoin.

We will remind, not so long ago in Wright was filed with the groans of relatives, his colleagues Dave Kleiman. Wright is accused of embezzling produced in the first years of Bitcoin coins and intellectual property colleagues involved in the first developments in the field of Bitcoin and suddenly died from a hospital-acquired infection a few years ago.