In early April, acne Buterin proposed to limit the emission of Ethereum 120 million coins. According to him, the new rules will allow the second capitalization of bitcoin “sustainably develop” and enhance its investment attractiveness. Now the developer said that he was offered a job at Google. This writes Cryptovest.

What about Ethereum without Balerina

In his Twitter Buterin posted a screenshot of the message with the job offer he received via e-mail. Google employee Elizabeth Garcia wrote that the Corporation is ready to make him an offer in the near future.

To the post, the entrepreneur has attached a survey for members. The majority (59 percent) voted to Buterin remained in Ethereum, 41 per cent favoured the adoption of the proposal.

Later the tweet was deleted — as the newspaper notes, the author did this because he accidentally revealed the sender’s address.

Once Ethereum has already proved that he can’t do without Baterina. In June 2017, several media wrote about his death in a car accident. The publication was based on the note on 4chan — an anonymous message Board and the source of most fake news. Buterin denied the news a few hours later, however, the Ethereum capitalization fell by $ 4 billion. The situation showed once again how much the platform depends on its founder.