The income of Bitcoin miners reach the bottom for almost 2 years. This also means that transactions in the network become very cheap. Who remembers the unimaginable high fee and long periods of transfers at the end of 2017?

The gross amount of transactional commissions have reached the bottom during the 5-year period. The following is a schedule of all commissions, which got the miners (BTC). USD line chart looks horrific. Miners pay less.

The total number of transactions per day is in the middle of December 2017, when the market began a parabolic move up. The miners did not work less than I did then, but now, their reward is much less. How to reach payback? To look for new ways to connect to a cheap socket?

When the same high number of transactions in 2017, the cost of each transaction less at 86%. Compare peak 140 USD, with the bottom for almost the last 2 years at USD 18 (the income of the miners, divided by the number of transactions). So what’s going on?

The number of unique addresses that are conducting transactions that have not changed. Moreover, this figure stood at 4-year consolidation from 2015, except for a surge in the last quarter of 2017. Integration into society is not even smell, and so it was for nearly half the life cycle of Bitcoin.

The number of generated Bitcoin addresses is still growing, now it creates $ 33 million in purses. I doubt that many of them are unique IP addresses unique users, but behind this figure lies an interesting statistic.

  • 48% of wallets is $3 or less.
  • 22% is from $3 to $30.
  • 17% is from $30 to $300.
  • 87% of users have less than 0.1 BTC BTC (357 USD)
  • 8% of users have a 0.1 — 1 BTC, for a total of 2.1 billion. at the current prices.

While the number of transactions remains at high levels in 2017, tweets about Bitcoin reaches the bottom of the five-year period of January 2015. If you want to understand, what moods now reign in the community, it turned into a desert town so be careful, for now this platform only contains the echoes of the opinions of individual people. Twitter surrendered.

The income of miners reach multi-year bottom, but the computing power are stable and slowly grew from December 2018 (last three months). Now the power miners is 42,000,000 tera hash per second. Old miners doing great, until a new join them.

It should be noted that miners are the most stable on the market, no one is interested in the success of Bitcoin more than them. Exchange, such Binance, I follow them and rely on volumes and users. Despite the decline in these indicators, they seriously took up the development in anticipation of the new bull market rally. Judging from the data, the Bitcoin network is as strong as ever, money continues to invest in infrastructure, but, apparently, it develops without a proper user base that is a huge risk for speculative asset.