15th July 2018, the South Korean company Shinil group has stated that it is the only organization in the world, holding information on wreck 100 years ago the ship “Dmitry Donskoy”. Immediately after that, members of the research team posted a video on Youtube, explaining how they managed to find sunken during the Russo-Japanese war the ship near ulleung-do island.

Treasure seekers reported that on Board the ship was 5500 boxes with gold ingots and 200 tons of gold coins with a total value of 130 billion dollars. Initially, the company reported that 50% of the treasure will go to Russia, and 10% will go to the development of tourism on the South Korean island of Ulleungdo, however, the company has announced plans to hold ICO and release tokens, provided the desired treasure.

Now, however, many members of the crypto community say that the legend may be a Scam. Government representatives, regulators and academic institutions immediately accepted the project with skepticism. For example, the Korean national Institute of Oceanography and Technology (KIOST) reported the discovery of the remains of the ship back in 2003 and on the Institute’s website includes photographs and a map indicating the burial place of the sunken ship. Controversy erupted around placed in the social network information. In mid-July, a company spokesman Park sung-Jin said that one of the sites, using the identity of the company, it was not affiliated. Also, the publication KoreFooongAng Daily reports that the Singapore legal address of the company is being used by another consulting company.

Meanwhile, the police district in Seoul Gangseo-31st July banned the CEO and some employees Shinil Group leaving the country in the course of the investigation, which was joined by South Korean financial regulator.