To monitor the emission stablon USDT popular in Twitter FOMO Bot that is trusted by 19 000 subscribers, over the last hour passes amazing data: according to him during this time, Tether was released more than 2 billion USDT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sudden activity and its magnitude did not go unnoticed by community members, first more wondering at what is happening, and then less believed in the reality of these events.

“It is terrible. This can be fuel for the big short,” writes one of them. “It must be a bug. Otherwise, tomorrow they propanal bitcoin up to $100,000,” notes another. “Several major episodes of emission Tether after 6 days, since the rise of bitcoin. Let’s wait until the media links the two events,” said well-known crypto-entrepreneur Alistair Milne, apparently considering information FOMO Bot reliable.

At this moment, the version about the presence of bug in the bot appears to be one of the most compelling. According to smart contract Tether, the current proposal ETC20-USDT remains at 110 million, according to CoinMarketCap stablon capitalization reached $2.1 billion, after it rose $70 million since the beginning of the month.

According to another version, the Tether may migrate from the blockchain of bitcoin in Ethereum and Tron. In its favor, says held simultaneously with the posting FOMO Bot output 20 million USDT with Bitfinex in storage Tether.

Shortly before these events the volume of short positions in bitcoin exchange Bitfinex fell by 20%, while sudden movements of the cryptocurrency rate, which could cause mass liquidation was observed.

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