The Ethereum blockchain is the most popular among developers of decentralized applications that it was running 87% of all platforms. However, it became known that in 86% of these applications generally there are no users, and 93% of missing transactions.

One of the most important topics in the cryptocurrency environment is to attract users to use the technology of the distributed registry. It is necessary to improve scalability and security, as well as making use of technology more simple. However, according to statistics, this is still far away.

Now on the Ethereum blockchain exists 1 375 decentralized applications, but only 200 of them are users and only 103 applications show the existence of a transaction. Thus in total there are 1 828 platforms, of which there are 426 users and 271 transactions.

Note that, according to the portal DappRadar, the most popular among users of decentralized applications are games. In the first ten applications, five of them belong to the category of games, and another two to gambling. The remaining three are applications of decentralized exchanges.

Most users has the app Epic Dragons is a game on the blockchain Tron play more than 7 000 people. Another game on the Ethereum blockchain Crypto My Heroes attracted 1,300 people a day.

Earlier, the head of the blockchain-Tron project Justin (Justin Sun) said that his company is preparing a special Fund to help developers of decentralized applications on the Ethereum block chain and EOS. According to him, the Fund will support developers as they move their projects to the blockchain Tron with the “crumbling” of the platforms.