Every 4th investor in the US is interested in bitcoin, but not planning a purchase, a recent survey Gallup.

Wells Fargo and Gallup for the index Investor and Retirement Optimism II-nd quarter 2018, the years spent in the period from 7 to 14 may 1921 survey of the American investor with investments of over $ 10,000 in various investment instruments.

The survey showed that 26% of respondents confirmed their interest in cryptocurrency, but do not plan in the short term their purchase, and 72% – not interested in buying bitcoins.

Only 2% among the respondents were the owners of cryptocurrency: 3% among men and 1% among women, 3% in the age group 18-49, and 1% after 50. Only 1% of respondents planned to purchase cryptocurrency in the near future.

About 3 out of 10 investors have some knowledge about cryptocurrencies, with most of them heard, but have no deep knowledge. Only 5% of the crypto currency ever heard.

The level of knowledge is higher among larger investors: 39% with a portfolio of more than us $ 100,000 have a good understanding of the market, compared with 25% among investors with a smaller portfolio.

Influences and the age of the respondents: 48% of respondents to 49 years old are aware of the cryptocurrency market, 22% in the group 50 to 64, and only 16% among those older than 65 years.

Also different are the investors and to the risk of cryptocurrency investment: 75% consider them very risky, 23% is a relatively risky 2% – too risky.

Conducting surveys helps to assess in the early stages of development of the stock market. For example, a study of the publication Coindesk showed that 55% of bitcoin owners hold a right-wing, conservative political views, and 41% of liberal, left-wing. Conducted in the UK D-CYFOR the survey showed a record of awareness of bitcoin.

In March, the Korean Central Bank has published the results of a national survey which showed that 40% of young Koreans aspire to become kriptosistema, and held at the same time, the social survey in the Czech Republic showed that the country popular bitcoin Euro.