Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Analysis of Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar from EXCAVO TOP

The movement towards the resistance line of the black downside channel. I show an inverted head and shoulders.
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Debiting Coinbase by mistake committed Visa

Reddit comments are from users who report that the crypto currency exchange Coinbase takes their account more funds than necessary. Some accounts even remained empty, loss of clients reached tens of thousands of dollars...

Founder of the payment system QIWI has confirmed investment in ICO Telegram

The founder of QIWI Sergey Solonin, as we know, visited the Sochi forum, where he was asked about investments in the Telegram, and he confirmed this information, saying that this is a personal investment, according to ba..

The six main facts about the financial fraud in Russia

The center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sector, the Central Bank released a review of fraudulent financial transactions in Russia last year. The year was memorable for mostly the fir..

Why the last statement of the Tether of their audit of the company was...

I'm not an alarmist and not alarmist, but by the end of January my concerns about the Tether has reached critical mass. Before you get to the point, I want to note that I consider myself a pretty informed person. I am n..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

The price of XRP can grow up to 3$

After a hard month for Ripple, investors and enthusiasts have the opportunity to increase their income with XRP. JP Morgan and Western Union said the use of technology Ripple. Recently JP Morgan has announced a new payme..

Meet the man who introduced Roger Faith with bitcoin

Cointelegraph got the chance to talk to mark Edge (Mark Edge), the man who introduced Roger Vera (Roger Ver) with bitcoins, and a leading radio "Free Talk Live". It was hard to miss Mark at the North American bitcoin con..

Of course Ethereum: why does ETH become the best crypt in 2018?

The recent collapse of the stock market has strengthened the belief in the ether. This currency was the only one showing a character, when the others, including "the mastodon" on behalf of bitcoin, collapsed under its ow..

Why the Bitcoin revolution has emptied store shelves and angry gamers

Department of graphics cards of the store Central Computers are empty. Thursday, 25 January 2018, San Francisco, CA. Crypto currency miners bought all the high-performance graphics processors, which only could find, prov..

White paper Callisto Network

The developers of Ethereum Classic preparing to launch a new blockchain project called Callisto. March 5-6 will be held giveaway (airdrop) token Callisto (CLO) to all holders ETC in 1:1 ratio. Meanwhile, in Runet informa..
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