Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Grayscale declares that the zcash for price can reach $ 60,000 by 2025

In the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market are things like at the races: everyone wants to know which horse is better to put. Last fall, Grayscale Investments, an asset management subsidiary of Digital Currency Group ..

The launch of Augur closer

One of the oldest ICO will soon open its platform to users. One of the most talked about cryptocurrency projects, Augur, may soon offer its users to bet on the success of the project. Augur was established in 2015 the ..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Thailand has banned the cryptocurrency. How will this affect the rate of the Ripple?

Buy, sell and exchange bitcoin in Thailand now prohibited. The Central Bank of the Kingdom are concerned that digital currency can be used to launder money or support terrorism. Also, the prohibition applies to the creat..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Canadian exchange CoinField will launch a pair XRP / CAD

15 Feb starts canadian exchange CoinField. It will be the first in Canada platform offering Ripple (XRP) two pair: XRP / CAD and XRP / BTC. It is known that she had previously been signed by more than 7000 users. Due to..

The independent rating Agency cautioned investors about the dangers Tether

Another observer for the controversial cryptocurrency tether warns of the dangers for the smooth operation of exchanges dealing with the trading USDT. The Weiss Ratings company informs investors about the systematic risk..

What is DAICO?

1. What is DAICO? Improved model of fundraising ICO, including some aspects of DAO. The idea came from acne Buterin (Vitalik Buterin) in January 2018. It is how to make ICO more secure, attracting investors to the proc..

Whether to use blockchain technology instead of the database? What gives the tokens value?

Guide on blockchain technology and tokens for beginners. Novice investors in this industry are constantly asking these questions – either in respect of a specific project or for General purposes So I decided to write a ..

NEO vs Ethereum: why NEO can be the most strong cryptocurrency of 2018 (part...

NEO is a platform created with a purpose. If she can compete with Ethereum? And most importantly, should you? Why do you like this article? NEO or Ethereum – what pill will you choose?.. Sorry, couldn't resist. This dis..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

South Korea wants to close the stock market and make it transparent

Traders had feared a ban on the cryptocurrency one of the largest markets of digital assets, but, unlike Thailand, South Korea is going to ban the cryptocurrency. The authorities have stated that their goal is to make th..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Review and forecast of the rate Ripple 15 Feb

The price of Ripple has recovered from recent decline, which began after the peak on 10 February. According to CoinMarketCap, today, the value of cryptocurrencies ranges from 1.11 to 1.17 $. Positive dynamics of the cour..
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