Friday, April 26, 2019
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

As Ripple is gaining the trust of the Central banks of the richest countries...

We have become accustomed to the fact that each month, tape of the news sites are full of colorful titles that Ripple once again agreed to cooperate with a commercial Bank or a money transfer system. Out of habit we perc..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Achievements in the negotiations Ripple will soon change the world is the process of...

In January, the General Director of Ripple brad Garlinghouse announced that three of the five leading global companies to transfer money will start testing the technology XRP. The first company to introduce implementatio..

The Analysis Litecoin / Bitcoin from AAlFadhala PRO

Here's a classic example from the theory of reaccumulation Wyckoff. It took us 10 months to accumulate; now we should expect at least 5 months of the uptrend! It would be interesting to see how this will happen in the co..

The Analysis ReddCoin / Bitcoin — alanmasters TOP

The goal of ReddCoin (RDD) : (1) 98 * goal achieved * (2) 117 (3) 132 (4) 147 (5) 169 (6) 196 (7) 275

Germany has published rules on the conduct of the ICO

20 February published a guide in which BaFin, Federal financial Supervisory authority, explained to the ICO and the attitude of the authorities towards them. This guide Germany joined the list of countries that have ado..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

The South Korean government will support cryptocurrency trade

The financial regulator of South Korea said Tuesday that the government will support the transaction of cryptocurrencies. This message appeared three weeks later after the authorities banned scriptacolous through anonymo..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

NAGA Group will release a credit card that supports cryptocurrency

The credit card with which you can pay with cryptocurrencies, from the company WaveCrest was blocked. However, the NAGA Group, the ICO company, which has its own cryptocurrency NAGA Coin, promises to provide their credit..

How Dogecoin will help in scalability of Ethereum

Dogecoin, created in 2013 from a mixture of litecoin and the meme with the dog breed Shiba inu, today, plays a major role in the cross-platform bridge Dogethereum connecting blackany Dogecoin and Ethereum. It differs fro..

White house: regulation in the near future

Friday, February 16, on the backdrop of increased activity on the part of the CFTC, the White house spokesman said that legitimizing cryptocurrencies in the near future is not expected. "I think we're still just learning..

The government of Thailand will release the “digital passport” in partnership with Ethereum startup...

The company Omise has signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of digital technologies Thailand for collaboration on system identification and online payments on a national scale. The government hopes that the in..
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