Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Austrian authorities want to equate the cryptocurrency to gold.

The Ministry of Finance of Austria has stated that it intends to regulate the cryptocurrency market as well as trade in gold and derivatives, and hopes that the European Union will follow their example. Finance Minister..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Cuallix going to launch Cuallet working through xRapid

Service Cuallet designed to facilitate remittances, will start to send remittances through technology xRapid. All transactions are processed with the help of technology xRapid developed by Ripple. Service, offering the b..

DeVere adds Ripple to the list of supported cryptocurrencies

Despite the fact that almost all major cryptocurrencies finished last week on a precarious position, one of the largest independent financial organizations in the world today added two new token in your application to kr..

In Moscow beaten and robbed the developer of the cryptocurrency PRIZM

In the North-West of Moscow unknown robbed the founder of "the Network" and developer of cryptocurrency PRIZM Yuri Mayorov. The victim applied to the police on the morning of 23 February, said that on the eve at 22:00 o..

In Iceland, stolen mining hardware worth almost $2 million.

Icelandic company Advania said about theft in the municipalities of reykjanesbaer and Burgerburo, which was stolen about 600 cards, 100 of power sources, 100 motherboards and other hardware. During the incident in the m..

China welcomed the launch of the state of cryptocurrency in Venezuela

Chinese experts positively assess the maintenance of the turnover state of the virtual currency El Petro. In the following review, prepared by the rating Agency Dagong, it is noted that now the modern global financial sy..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

As SEB Bank has reduced the period of payment from 2 days to 2...

@brakonier – Since the beginning of the use of technology Ripple, the Bank carried out international payments in a total amount of 900 million dollars at the speed of light. Starting in may 2017, the Swedish banking gro..

Bitcoin is a game. Want to play

Another public person decided to officially Express their attitude to bitcoin. This time about bitcoin says a popular American author Matthew Lesko, who writes books about how to get "free money" from the US government. ..

Hackers have stolen back Coindash

Platform developers Coindash officially announced that the company has received 20 thousand ETH from hackers last year stole 37 thousand tokens during the ICO. In July last year, the exchange Coindash seriously suffered..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

3 reasons why Google needs Pay in Ripple

This week Android Pay renamed Google Pay. Obviously, this giant market with great interest to the instant payments. Analysts believe that re-branding can be considered a response to the imminent release of the Litepay, w..
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