Tuesday, June 18, 2019

the price of Litecoin will grow up to halving

News about halving very positive effect on the price of Litecoin. Over the past few days, the coin showed good growth, up 36.3 percent of the cost in just a week. Looks like the bulls it is unlikely that it will stop unt..

ExchangeRates.Pro launches price-aggregator of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 255 countries

ExchangeRates.Pro compares prices of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies 33 152 Fiat currencies and monitors courses of "crypto for crypto" exchanges: ★ platform analyzes ~300 sites for various types of trading platforms..

Lithuania will toughen oversight of the cryptocurrency

Lithuania intends to regulate the work of cryptocurrency firms, their exchange offices, and operators of Deposit funds, and to ensure in this field the effective prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism...

Cryptoseal is not yet over. The opinion of people from wall street

The former Executive Director of the company with wall street and the current blockchain-Explorer Tony Weiss expressed skepticism about the end cryptogamy. The opinion he voiced during an interview with Cointelegraph. As..

Exchange Bitfinex has launched a superior tool for visualization and optimization of cryptocurrency trading

Looks like Bitfinex team will continue to provide excellent service to cryptocurrency trading to customers worldwide. Now, the exchange launched an improved tool for visualization and analysis of data that can use both e..

Bitcoin is experiencing a new wave of demand around the level of 8 000$

Bitcoin is experiencing a new wave of demand around the level of 8 000$ And +A Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins carefully bathed earlier in the week. However, until now the momentum has not received its development. BTC stoppe..

Stock markets await U.S. statistics

Stock markets await U.S. statistics And +A This morning was published the rate of inflation in China, and in the second half of the day, we expect similar figures from the United States. This statistic is able to become ..

Captainvalor lost 2000 client bitcoins and committed suicide?

5 Jun 42-year-old CEO and co-founder of BTE.TOP Hui Yi committed suicide. According to the source, he was suspected of embezzlement of client 2000 BTC or 14.5 million dollars in the failed short position on Bitcoin with ..

The Euro is attracting more buyers in the market

The Euro is attracting more buyers in the market And +A The Chinese government announced the "easing financial conditions", which is intended to spur government spending and support economic growth. In addition, market p..

Cryptocurrency returned to growth, led by bitcoin

Cryptocurrency returned to growth, led by bitcoin And +A The main cryptocurrency for the day has added value in the correction after a collapse that followed the message that digital Playground Binance without warning su..
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