Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The representative of the SEC: Bitcoin and ether are not securities

Leading specialist, SEC (the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA) on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICO) has said that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities, however, many (but not all) ..

Leading Philippine national Bank together with ConsenSys introducing Ethereum

UnionBank, one of the largest banks in the Philippines, announced a partnership with the American blockchain startup ConsenSys Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. The aim of the project is to help local financial instituti..

The national Assembly of South Korea has officially recommended the repeal of the ban...

After about eight months after the complete ban on the holding of the primary coin offerings (ICO), National Assembly of South Korea reportedly made an official recommendation to legalize ICO in the country. According t..

Telegram cancelled their advertised ICO

Telegram refused to carry out planned before the initial sale of coins, and this is a good reason to talk about broader trends that can be observed in recent times. Telegram – not the first who refuses to carry out the ..

What is the difference between a blockchain and a distributed registry

People sometimes confuse these concepts. In this article I will talk about the features of the blockchain and the distributed registry. The distributed registry Is a database that is distributed across multiple network ..

Ethereum Classic: the trends of the last time and expectations for 2018

The last week is remembered by many for a significant fall in prices ETC. From the point of view of the average investor, there is reason to worry: the price was reduced at a rate of 10% per day. However, a similar pictu..

The announcement of the membership of the Advisory Council of the Cooperative ETC

The co-op ETC (ECC, Ethereum Classic Cooperative) was established to financially support the growth and development of Ethereum Classic through the financing of three key aspects of the ecosystem ETC: development, market..

Release Emerald Wallet is expected in March, according to the Ethereum Classic

According to the Ethereum Classic in 2018, the public release of a desktop version of the wallet Emerald may occur already in March. This is the first stage of implementation of the Emerald Project, which will be the pl..

Rest in peace, ICO (2013-2018)?

Now, when the Telegram is planning initial coin offer (ICO) worth more than a billion dollars, and the demand for them is four times exceeded the offer, and in January was taken a new record for the amount of token sales..

Why the last statement of the Tether of their audit of the company was...

I'm not an alarmist and not alarmist, but by the end of January my concerns about the Tether has reached critical mass. Before you get to the point, I want to note that I consider myself a pretty informed person. I am n..
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