Sunday, January 17, 2021

The head of the venture capital Fund Binance expect, when the bubble burst ICO

Photo: Pixabay on Although Ella Zhang (Ella Zhang) is responsible for the Fund amount to $ 1 billion. US investing in blockchain of the company, it is not too optimistic about this market. "We would like to ..

Report Ethereum Classic: on the road to growth and new projects

Ethereum Classic Cooperative released semi-annual report on its activities aimed at promoting the growth of Ethereum Classic and involvement in the ecosystem of developers of decentralized applications. In this report, ..

The Ethereum will handle 1 million transactions per second

Acne Buterin recently said that thanks to the decisions of the second level such as sharding and Plasma, Ethereum network will eventually be able to handle 1 million transactions per second, and potentially more than 100..

Co-founder of PayPal: as the blockchain will change the investing and why this process...

CEO of Yammer David sacks (photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg—Getty Images) Around the idea of transfer of ownership of digital assets and trade on the basis of the blockchain a lot of noise, but real steps to this yet ..

Coinbase: adding ETC does not take much time

After Coinbase has announced the imminent inclusion in the listing Ethereum Classic (ETC), this cryptocurrency has significantly strengthened its market position, despite the fact that officially this event has not yet o..

Why kryptolebias the status of the Bank

Banks are increasingly paying attention to crypto currencies – for example, Goldman recently hired a trader for trading cryptocurrencies and launched cryptocurrency trading platform as Japanese banking giant MUFG next ye..

The launch of the platform took place Augur

Why the developers Augur not sure of the long term operation of its platform in the Ethereum ecosystem? The launch of blockchain-platform predictions Augur that acne Buterin once called "Uber in the sphere of knowledge"..

The plans of developers ETC in 2018-2020. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the blockchain and cryptocurrency, expanding notions of the possibilities of digital assets. Instead of letting people simply forward the assets to eac..

The representative of the SEC: Bitcoin and ether are not securities

Leading specialist, SEC (the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA) on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICO) has said that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities, however, many (but not all) ..

Leading Philippine national Bank together with ConsenSys introducing Ethereum

UnionBank, one of the largest banks in the Philippines, announced a partnership with the American blockchain startup ConsenSys Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. The aim of the project is to help local financial instituti..
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