Sunday, August 18, 2019

What is the difference between a blockchain and a distributed registry

People sometimes confuse these concepts. In this article I will talk about the features of the blockchain and the distributed registry. The distributed registry Is a database that is distributed across multiple network ..

Bitfarms 193 invests $ million in the canadian mining centers

Cryptobinary Corporation Backbone Hosting Solutions Inc announced plans to invest 250 million canadian dollars (193 million USD) in computer centres in the canadian city Sherbrooke. The investment will allow the company..

White paper Callisto Network

The developers of Ethereum Classic preparing to launch a new blockchain project called Callisto. March 5-6 will be held giveaway (airdrop) token Callisto (CLO) to all holders ETC in 1:1 ratio. Meanwhile, in Runet informa..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

2 events that have a positive impact on XRP

XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. While the cryptocurrency market is experiencing significant fluctuations occurring mainly from bitcoins, Ripple, lately, is creating a system. The cryptocurrency, which or..

As an update to Cobalt Ripple will change

The announcement of a new partnership Ripple, indeed, appear very often. However, all involved in this cryptoprocta expect a full interchange many hopes: when Western Union will announce whether it will use XRP for cross..

CoinMarketCap does not charge for listing assets

"If you follow CoinMarketCap, you probably know that we rarely make public statements, addressed to the users of the service, its creators. — However, recently we encountered some rumors and false information about CMC, ..

The cost of listing the token-ICO 34 cryptocurrency exchanges

In April, the research firm Autonomous Research, according to which cryptocurrency exchange for hosting ICO-tokens on their sites charge $1-3 million (for comparison, the entrance fee for listing of shares worth up to $1..
What is important to know about the new partnership Ripple and the XRP token

Wirex added support for XRP

Service provider for cryptocurrency accounts Wirex yesterday added support for XRP. A user under the name kiwixrp on XRPChat found a mention of the support token from the Ripple in the update notification application. W..

Acne Buterin openly called Craig Wright a fraud

A long-standing dispute between the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Butterini and self-proclaimed "Creator of Bitcoin" Craig Wright is far from complete. The event Deconomy held in Seoul, South Korea, Buterin publicly called..

QIWI will take part in the creation of a blockchain platform

March 1 began pre-ICO SKYFсhain first operating platform for unmanned cargo transportation on the basis of Blockchain technology. QIWI Blockchain Technologies, "daughter" of the group of QIWI companies, participates in ..
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